About Us

Manasi Sagdeo is a classical homeopath and a member of the Dutch Association of Classical Homeopaths (NVKH R-Hom®, www.nvkh.nl ). The classical homeopaths registered with the NVKH meet high quality requirements on education, training, observation and consultations are fully or partially compensated by most health insurers. The NVKH has provided to its members in a collective connection to the recognized disputes commission SCAG “by the Ministry.


M.D. (PG Hom) London

Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery. (B.H.M.S) India


As a classical Homeopath Manasi has specialization in:

  • Pregnancy care with Homeopathic medication 
  • Parenting and Child care consultation.
  • All types of homeopathic medicine concerning various health issues.


There are a lot of ways to deal with disease and health. And one of them is more than 200 years old Homeopathy. Classical homeopathy  is spreading rapidly  around the world. It is the natural way to treat your diseases .  It is helpful to treat yourself or your children in a more natural way.That is why classical homeopathy is selected for complete cure  

A human approach.… The peculiarity of the homeopathic approach is that these complaints are not being pushed away by, for example, pain relief or sedation. In homeopathy, it is assumed that every complaint, whether physical or mental, always has a cause.   If you ignore this cause and try to suppress complaints, it may take a while, but the problem will not be resolved. On the contrary, often you are getting better off of optimal health, of what you could be someone who creatively cares for life, struggles with difficulty, has enough energy!

Energy is the base … In homeopathy, we assume that tangible and visible disease symptoms are the end product of a sometimes long process. At the root of such a process is always a disturbed life energy, The Vital Force. It is the Vital force that is to restore with homeopathy. If one’s life energy is disturbed, that is not directly observed through physical research. But the effects that occur sooner or later, in the form of symptoms, are that! Therefore, the classical homeopath attempts to discover as many symptoms of a patient as possible. 

Everyone is unique… At first sight, the complaints of all patients with the same disease seem more or less the same, the homeopath looks further and looks for an individual image of the patient. If this picture is clear, a specific homeopathic tool will fit here. This is why ten patients with the same condition of a classical homeopath can all get a different means. In the first consultation, which may take about one and a half hours, the classical homeopath will try to get a complete picture of the physical and psychological complaints, living habits and personality. Only in this way can a means be found that the whole person Equilibrium. If that succeeds, the source, the nutritional basis for the emergence of complaints, has been removed. These will therefore, as long as there has not been any irreparable damage to the organism in the past, gradually disappear.

Homeopathy is a way to cure your ailments along with the Cause in a more scientific way. for more information send us an email on info@expatshomeoclinic.com